Four large-scale horizontal screens on the interior walls of the building atrium, displaying 3D blue and white square graphics

Hero Project

Trading on Culture for Heritage Finance


Financial Institution


As part of a broad workplace redesign and informed with critical employee feedback and insights, the institution needed to envision a new benchmark for its trading-focused workspaces. Accelerated by the technological and productivity shifts of the pandemic, they sought to optimize the experiential aspects of the workplace to maximize IRL employee connection while also leveraging the new behaviors built on two years of working remotely.


Integrate digital experiences into the atrium to generate pride in the brand, foster a sense of community, incite conversation around new ideas and relationships, and incentivize wellbeing as a function of productivity. Build an updatable, evergreen content suite that visualizes the most important themes and ideas for global brand innovation.
Photograph of final experience design of atrium from circular stairwell, of four long horizontal rows of LED screens in white, pink and turquoise gradients punctuated between four floors
Cinematic photograph of businessman standing on stairwell, looking out at blue, geometric graphics displayed on LED screens
Photograph looking up at four LED screens at the interior intersection of two walls, showing a blue background and information about worldwide currencies
Audience Impact
# Avg Daily Visitors
Spatial Impact
Square Footage
5520 Sq Ft; 6 Stories
Global Impact
Company Size
90,000 FTEs
A reference gif of a viewer penetrating through the exterior walls of a building through several layers to the atrium of the building
For reference only, credit: Oddviz, “Hotel”, 2017

Seeing Through to the Themes Within

After more than a year of strategy and concept development, we arrived at “The Window” –a set of repeated digital moves that turns each floor plate of the six story atrium into a cutaway view into the storytelling at the core of the workplace. Designed at scale and in perspective from key viewpoints, digital content appears to spill out of the building’s interior, sharing artistic, and informational expressions that engender micro interactions that invite pause, reflection, conversation and interaction.
An exploration of color reminiscent of a dial, with blue and cream gradient combinations
A design and render of the euro currency exchange

Building Longevity with Multimodal Digital Storytelling

In parallel with our design team’s work with real estate and technology groups, we engaged intimately with representatives from their brand, marketing, and communications teams to identify the most important long-term themes and commitments, curating relevant data and information sources, and defining what makes their culture unique.
Horizontal design of semi-transparent rectangular blocks of various blues casting lights and shadows diagonally
Horizontal rows of vertical bands of translucent color, ranging from pinks to yellows to white and green
Render of vertical color bands taking over the four LED screens in the atrium space
Render of plant and greenery designs taking over the four LED screens in the atrium space
Animated pan of 3D renders of plants and flora arranged in a horizontal row
Render of stylised greenery and plants on a horizontal row
Colorful render of plants, rocks and flora
Person overlooking atrium space with four rows of horizontal LED screens behind him, lit with a yellow, purple, blue and white gradient

Connecting a Culture of Elite Professionals

We developed a suite of digital content modes and visualizations from these insights, challenging our design team to translate market data, sustainability goals, diversity commitments, wellness best practices, currency exchanges, and other relevant stories into artful gestures that continually engage employees in ever-changing ways and support the interpersonal connections made possible within the scale and design quality of the headquarters atrium.
Woman standing on staircase, looking up at installation in atrium, with bands of purple, white and blue
Four LED screens wrapping the interior of the atrium with blue and white gradients
View from top of stairwell, overlooking installation in the atrium of four long LED screens between four floors of the building, with pink, green and blue gradients
View of four LED screens with yellow, purple and blue gradients
A man and woman standing on the stairwell, back lit by light from the LED screens and facing outward
Two women on the stairwell, leaning against the banister and looking out at the installation in the atrium