Woman standing in front of circular aperture with spring content behind sheer curtain

Client Project

Enchanting Buyers With Nature-Driven Luxury


Fenton Whelan


As part of their larger sales strategy, Fenton Whelan wanted to create a luxury residential sales gallery that would give buyers the opportunity to envision life lived in Park Modern, their luxury residential building with a privileged position overlooking Hyde Park.


Create a luxury sales gallery experience that connects buyers with the proximity of Hyde Park’s four seasons as they unfold through the lens of Park Modern’s ultra lux, parkside residences. Create a world just beyond reality, where the sensorial aspects of nature’s proximity are felt as hyper-real, stylized visions of seasonal change and unique perspectives.
Woman standing in a ethereal-looking room with soft warm lighting, beside a translucent partition wall which allows us to see slivers of screens and technology beyond
Woman standing next to a minimalist sculpture and in front of a circular screen which conveys nature through blurred colors
Audience Impact
Percentage of Units Purchased
Spatial Impact
Square Footage
2000 Sq Ft
Global Impact
Units in Program
Simple animated render of environment with geometric shapes that denote potential for animated windows

Using the Seasons to Sell

To provide a compelling project vision in parallel with Park Modern’s construction, Fenton Whelan asked us to design a sales gallery that would help convert visitors to buyers in advance of the building’s completion. Consistent with the overall brand strategy, we designed a space with perceived geometric apertures that seem to let the light, color, and movements of the seasons spill into the space at an accelerated, hyper-real pace.
Reference image of irregularly sized and spaced square windows behind a semi-translucent curtain
For reference only, credit unknown
Reference image of trees in Hyde Park
Credit: Fenton Whelan, 2020
Sculptural render of circles and lines that evoke nature
Animation of circles and lines coming together that evoke nature

Technology as Nature

Park Modern’s unique proximity to the Park and its suite of amenities drove a desire to bring buyers as close as possible to this sense of access and seasonal nuance. We accomplished this through multi-layered digital technologies from the old to the new, including theatrical scrims and lighting, diffusion layers, and software-driven digital content that recreates natural phenomena, like the blooming of cherry blossoms and the movement of light and shadow.
Photographic and graphic collage of images of people enjoying parks and visual style pursued for this project
Explorations of minimalist sculpture used in luxury experience, consisting of a tall, hollow rectangle, with thinner circles and diagonal lines
Render of woman standing under a geometric archway within the luxury experience center, lit with dim, blue light, with "windows" to animated nature around the room
Close-up of minimalist sculpture in environment, against an undulating wall surface
Render of woman standing in front of circular "window" with blurred animation behind
Exploration of material and light through a filter
Circular "window" looking out at an animated blue and pink sky
Render of woman standing under a geometric archway in a room with circular and geometric "windows" that contain animated abstractions of nature
Animation of graphics and advertising for the luxury experience space
Graphic illustration of a camera with limited blue and cream color palette
Still from advertisement film of the space, saying "The New Hyde Park North"
Animation of an evening city street with the sun setting in the distant background
Screenshot from the advertising film of a simplified modernist building in perspective, with the words "New Retail"
Render of the apartment viewing area within the experience, of two dark purple armchairs and table facing a large screen
Render of woman looking at small-scale model on an organically-shaped table