Inspirational Workplaces

Mar 30, 2021

The bar to incentivize employees to return to their workplace is now significantly higher. Any type of commodity or transactional work that employees can efficiently accomplish at home will likely remain at home, virtualized. This reality will require a slew of design changes to the workplace. But what aspects of this new experience design are we focused on at HUSH?

We believe the new workplace requires design interventions that:

– Reinforce an organization’s mission; (Thought starter: the Yankees can certainly master their craft on a practice field in Florida, but walking into Yankee Stadium elevates their connection to their professional purpose.)

– Inspire employees in artful ways; (Connect employees to a higher order of purpose with higher order, artful storytelling)

– Incentivize unique, workplace-scale collaborations. (Designing collaborative interactions and experiences at the scale of the corporate campus means interactive team spaces, HR- and culture-driving educational spaces, and dynamic, customizable interactive programming.)

HUSH has been working on a variety of these RTO (return to office) experience design initiatives from developing identity and signage systems to help employees interact more effectively, to designing collaborative and technology enriched team environments, to developing building-scale installations that connect employees to valuable information to inspire them around their collective impact.