Abstract content with teal and green geometric pattern

Art Commission

Captivating Capital One With Data Arts


Capital One


As the Capital One campus in Tysons, Virginia continued to grow and expand, the company wanted to greet and inspire associates, partners, and guests by spotlighting the success of the brand through a collection of original digital artworks.


Excite and energize Capital One employees and visitors with a unique environment punctuated by digital, artistic visualizations derived directly from relevant company data. Present beautifully engaging compositions that convey the expertise, ambition, and impact that shapes the organization’s leading brand position in the industry.
Silhouette of a woman standing in front of a large LED screen with animated graphic patterns that showcase internal and external company data insights
Circular graphic pattern shown large-scale on screen
Audience Impact
# Avg Daily Visitors
Spatial Impact
Square Footage
5000 Sq Ft
Global Impact
Company Size
52,000 FTEs
A circular graphic pattern that represents a single associate
An individual that is represented by the circular graphic pattern
For reference only, image by rawpixel.com on Freepik

Illustrating Internal Effort and External Impact

The experience centers around two different modes of visualizations: geometric forms that represent the unique characteristics of each employee and their teams, juxtaposed with natural, floral forms that grow based on the success of the business in the marketplace.

The geometric forms begin as individual elements, but soon evolve to move together in unison, symbolizing how employees work together harmoniously. The floral elements grow to become full walls of blooming flowers, expressing stories of positive customer impact.

A regular formation of circular graphic patterns, representing a group of associates
A cluster of tropical flowers and plants, generated through data visualisation
A regular pattern of circles of diminishing size

Mining Information Across the Enterprise

We worked in conjunction with a cross-functional Capital One team to identify and access the types of data that would successfully bring key stories to life. We leveraged data based on employee tenure and location, badge-ins to the company’s headquarters, new departmental hires, and more. We also curated customer-focused datasets to visualize the number of credit cards issued and retail bank branches opened, as well as ever-fluctuating stock prices.
Simple render of three-dimensional cylinders at different heights, forming a wave-like overall image
Coloured render of regular pattern of three-dimensional cylinders increasing in height
Pattern of dots moving in a graphic formation
Render of three-dimensional cuboids overlapping in a repeating pattern
Render of an arrangement of triangular prisms of diminishing height from top down perspective
Singular square graphic that represents data of Capital One, of orange and yellow color palette
Singular square graphic that represents data of Capital One, of violet color palette
Example diagram of the animation sequence that occurs when an individual approaches the experience, zooming out from one graphic icon to a graphic pattern
An arrangement of circular graphic assets which each represent an individual at Capital One
Graphic pattern of small green, blue and yellow geometric shapes stacked on top of each other at an angle, with varying density
Render of dynamic perspective of rectangular prisms extending towards the viewer
Render of a wave-like surface of a coloured grid
Showcase of various flower illustrations used for colorful visualizations

Inspiring a Culture of Accomplishment Every Day

By designing these ever-evolving digital artworks using employee, customer, and cultural data, we tell uniquely relevant stories that emphasize the role of the individual and the importance of functioning synchronously as a larger team. These colorful, expansive visualizations continue to recognize and rally the people that are pivotal to Capital One’s progress and continued prosperity.
A colourful surface covered in flora illustrations, overlapping with each other
Combination of pink and orange flower and plant illustrations, with a dark background
Illustration of a circular cluster of small blue flowers and large green leaves surrounding it, with a pale green background
Flower illustration with a smaller flower beside it and two leaves
Photograph of finished environment, with data visualization patterns on large screen that covers the wall of the space and runs above the heads of people
Side profile of woman in the experience, completely immersed by the graphic data visualisation, in a pink-dominant color palette
Render of hexagonal pattern on a wave-like surface
Woman silhouette against a large screen with data visualization graphics, in a blue dominant color palette
Silhouette of a woman against the screen of the experience, with a regular arrangement of circular graphic icons on the screen