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Client Project

Building Okta’s Brand Awareness on Broadway




As part of a broad initiative to appeal to both B2B and B2C customers, Okta (a Bay Area identity and access management technology company) wanted to launch a public-facing experience space in New York City. At its core would be compelling interactive expressions to drive brand awareness and increase sales of their digital products and services.


Create unique digital and physical experiences within the brand’s “retail” footprint that inspire visitors to explore Okta’s services and approach to identity and access management. Bring Okta’s values—including innovation, empowerment, transparency, integrity, and customer success—to light in original and unexpected ways that resonate to audiences inside and out.
Image of classical architectural exterior of the building that houses the Okta sales center with a number of pedestrians walking past, and the interactive Okta animation visible from the window
Credit: Photo by Petrinistudio
Audience Impact
# Avg Daily Visitors
In Progress!
Spatial Impact
Square Footage
5000 Sq Ft
Global Impact
Company Size
5,030 FTEs
Smiling woman semi-shrouded by a accordian-like glass partition, distorting her image
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Shaping Manhattan’s Streets

Staying true to its commitment to transparency, Okta opted to construct an interactive, public-facing storefront in Manhattan’s Flatiron District on Broadway—instead of a private space hidden behind closed doors. Because of its high-traffic, street-level visibility, we designed a unique digital core that communicates both outwards and inwards to convey the power of Okta’s security. Outside, passersby can view and interact with brand content, animations, and their own digital shadows designed to encourage contemplation about identity and security.
Conceptual composition of the manipulation of a person through a vertical texture, with the words “Okta - Single Sign-On”
Render of person on street looking through the window at the Okta space installation, with responsive animations of people on vertical LED structures
Diagram of silhouetted pedestrian walking post Okta installation that displays an okra logo animation and a responsive digital silhouette of the person
Diagram featuring overhead view of curved shape of Okta installation and activation areas
Diagram featuring overhead view of curved shape of Okta installation and a large horizontal screen in the center of the curl
Render of pedestrians walking outside the storefront of the sales center, where the installation is visible, displaying an okta branded animation
Animation exploration of the words "Secured by Okta" coming together like puzzle pieces
Render of woman walking past Okta installation that responds to her motion with colorful animation
Example of Okta branded animation on exterior of installation, with differing brand colors
Render of man looking at graphics and information on a vertical screen in the installation

Exploring Identity and Security

To spotlight high-touch storytelling experiences, attract a variety of guests, and convert visitors into customers, the interior brand experience features a personalized interactive moment to greet guests, a group digital briefing experience that surrounds audiences with relevant data insights, and a supporting app to control the user journey from start to finish. The space positions the Okta team as relentless problem-solvers dedicated to new possibilities as they engage with the world around them.
Render of man looking at an active screen on the installation while the vertical LED fins display the number "89%" on the far wall
Animation of Okta logo falling into the center of the screen section by section
Animated render entering the interior space of the installation, pivoting from the screen at the entrance to the digital screen on the inside
CMS interface on an ipad that controls the animation sequences and content display of the installation
CMS interface on desktop of content library and pages used for the installation
Two visitors of the sales center from profile view with vertical fins behind them, displaying "49%" in large text
Credit: Photo by Petrinistudio
Young woman looking at content on digital screen on the installation that says "Building a world where identity belongs to you"
Credit: Photo by Petrinistudio
Three visitors at the sales center on the interior of the installation, looking at content on a large digital screen
Credit: Photo by Petrinistudio
View of installation from inside of sales center
Credit: Photo by Petrinistudio