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Hero Project

Celebrating Uber’s Data-Rich Culture




On the heels of Uber’s global return to work, new hires and organizational change, and substantive business strategy shifts, their brand and HR leadership was eager to align the enterprise around a newly defined suite of cultural values–all driven by global platform data and employee insights.


Articulate Uber’s cultural values with a suite of branded, data-driven, digital content that can occupy nearly every media surface throughout Uber’s global workplaces and employee digital platforms. Optimize this data-centric storytelling for impact at every scale and programmatic need, including The Stream experience at the Mission Bay HQ.
White concentric circles made up of dots on a black background. Text reads "4 regions; 22,504 people; 1 shared purpose; Every person plays a part. Total employees: 21,938"
Audience Impact
# of Cultural Stories
Spatial Impact
Content Visibility
4 Global Locations
Global Impact
Company Size
29,300 FTEs
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Unlocking Culture Through Data

We set out to help Uber employees see how their day to day work directly connects to Uber’s core values. Physics-based data visualizations ground Uber’s core values in real data points that evolve over time and connect employees to their participation in the global business mission.
Black map with white lines showing an arc connecting two points. Text reads: Time: 12:01 AM, Total rides: 1
Black text on white background reading: One Uber
Renders of four different locations showing the same piece of content: overlapping white circles on a black background comparing 7,232 riders with 12,156 drivers

Using Data-Driven Expressions to Extend the Brand System

Our team worked with various Uber stakeholders to identify and mine relevant geographical, sentiment, behavioral, and product data to support the narratives at the center of Uber’s values. We developed a new suite of content that widens the brand system to accommodate data-driven storytelling, from mapping macro and micro geographical activities to juxtaposing employee preferences.
White lines connecting a point cloud on a black background
A 4-up of graphics on a light gray background: upper-left and clockwise 1) "Go" black text on white background 2) White text on black background "Uber's ambition increased international mobilization in more than 100 countries between 2011-2021 3) White circles of varying sizes on a black background in a row 4) Black map with white lines with thick white lines connecting different points.
White circles in a line on black background showing different milestones in Uber's history. Large text reads: Total Trips: 301,421;  Mobility cities: 102; Delivery cities: 89
Map of San Francisco with white lines on black background with arcs connecting different points on map. Text reads "San Francisco, 10:34:01,total trips: 12,450"
Gray circles in a rectangle on black background, the circles show different cities
Black background with different orange and green circles and rectangles with different South American Cities, and "Total trips: 15,841; mobility trips 9,841 and delivery trips 4,841
White circles of different sizes on black background with different city names
Green and orange circles with text "Uber Mobility in 86 cities and Uber Delivery in 220 cities
Graphic with white circles on black background and black circles on white background with text reading "When do Uber employees prefer to work" with morning on black background and afternoon on white background
Kaleidoscope pattern of white circles on black background with text "34,450 employees"
Large spiral of white dots on black background with different names on the front-most ones.

Creating Connection Among Uber’s Global Workforce

The final suite of digital content showcases motivational cultural beliefs supported by quantitative data insights. By integrating these visualizations into hundreds of environments around the world, Uber’s workforce achieves greater alignment around shared effort and impact–all by the numbers.
Spirograph of white dots on black background with text reading "
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Large square digital screen with light tubes overhead showing content that shows map of San Francisco that reads "See the forest and the trees"
Digital screen wrapping around a corner with white circles on black background with two people standing in front of it.
Different size white circle on black background with different city names. Title reads "Go Get it" and dates from 2014-2018 and cities launched 2,450
Different size white cities on black background with city names. Title text reads "Volume of mobility and delivery trips in every single city we've launched from 2014 until today"
Alternating black and white background stripes with opposing dot colors within at the bottom of the rectangle. Title reads "Uber employee poll results from 5,432 total participants, the question: When do you feel most productive." From left to right "9% I'm an early bird; 31% I'm an afternoon achiever; 21% I'm a night owl; 39% I'm a constant go-getter
Render of curved screen on wooden wall with alternating black and white squares with opposite circles stacked at bottom of screen