Woman looking up a illuminated surface made of many tiny lights in a grid pattern

Client Project

Reimagining the Way Meta Greets The World




To convey its distinct role in a changing marketplace, Meta (formerly Facebook) wanted to share a forward-looking design vision in its Global Partner Centers. High-profile guests needed to understand the company’s approach to making the world more open and connected on an individual and global scale.


Create a cohesive collection of high-touch, interactive experiences that can elegantly translate across global locations to communicate the company’s mission and culture. Celebrate the brand’s products and services, putting both small communities and large societies at the center.
Symmetrical image of silhouetted man looking up at ceiling installation made of repeating protruding light modules that simulate waves and create visualisation
Young woman looking at a sign that says "Welcome to the Partner Center" underneath a logo for "Facebook Dublin", on a blue floor and wall, underneath a grid-like canopy structure
Silhouetted man standing in center of a large domed installation with colorful data visualization happening inside
Audience Impact
# Avg Daily Visitors
Spatial Impact
Square Footage
80,000 Sq Ft across 6 Locations
Global Impact
Company Size
80,000 FTEs
Reference images of a girl with ginger hair and a red parka jacket, and a photograph of the earth from space
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Showcasing the Impact of Social Technology

Framed within a highly strategic narrative, we designed and integrated more than a dozen technology-led experiences to illustrate and contemplate digital behavior at the micro and macro level. We empowered visitors to engage with the brand and learn how it empowers self expression and community building—and manifests global change. Social good campaigns like the Ice Bucket Challenge were visualized abstractly, emphasizing the beautiful, exponential impacts that a viral sensation can generate.
Diagram explaining the narrative arc of the experiences at the Meta Global Partner Centers
Render of entrance moment for the Partner Center in Dublin with blue walls, ceiling and floor, and a wooden gridded archway
Render of 5 pillars with screens that show blue background with streams of random emojis, responding to an interactive touchpad that is being interacted with by a person
Colorless animation of emojis floating across the five pillars
Design for interactive screen, which displays the sentences "Share your passion", "Connect with the Community" and "Touch to begin" on a blue background with several emojis floating in space
Render of young woman walking through hallway beside an interactive wall which responds to movement, lighting up with diffused red, green, white and yellow
Close-up of interactive wall that displays transparent moulds of phones throughout the past few decades
Animated diagram illustrating how an image is distorted into lines of color in the interactive wall
A woman walking past another illustration illuminated onto the interactive wall, composed of beige squares on a blue backdrop
Large domed installation made of horizontal wooden slats that reveals a dark room with colorful and interactive data visualization
Three individuals standing in front of rich and colorful data visualization made of circles, lines and simple illustration
Close-up of horizontal slats and curved vertical structures that make up the large domed structure
Data visualization circles of varying sizes across the world map
Sketch of young person interacting with a wall with a digital facade
Animation of digital wall utilized flexibly to display text, color and communicate with the user
Render of individual standing in front of wall with computerized geometric visuals created by light
Render of woman looking up at installation attached to ceiling composed of light-emitting modules
Animation of a social campaign and its outreach, which is data to be visualized on the ceiling installation
Diagram of person interacting with screen which then sends data to the ceiling installation that is then visualized in waves, shapes and circles
A silhouetted person standing in front of five vertical panels that display a stream of emojis

Planning for the Future with Real-Time Insights

We developed a rich data collection and evaluation system to help analyze the permanent yet flexible experience designs to improve storytelling as the marketplace continues to evolve, new trends emerge, and the company innovates in unexpected ways.
Young woman looking up at celing installation, composed of repeated light modules and displaying light patterns
Close-up of interactive screen underneath ceiling installation that controls the data visualization
Image of domed installation, taken from the entrance, showing large screens that display data visualization on the inside
Silhouetted person from the bust up standing in front of colorful graphics on a screen, captured through the horizontal slats of the domed installation
Young woman interacting with screen from the side, touching her hand to the screen which generates a trail of visual graphics
Three silhouetted people standing before a large screen curved around the interior of the installation, which displays colorful and dynamic graphics
Entrance to an installation, beside a mirror that has the words "Behind the scenes" on it
A person standing in front of wall displaying light patterns
Young woman standing in front of wall of LED fixtures that shine with blue light
Silhouette of young woman standing in front of large framed screen that displays a cascade of emojis
Animation that appears on-screen, of a person in gym clothes and emojis that appear around it
Wall of transparent phone moulds displaying blurred graphics
Young woman walking past wall displaying blurred graphics that react to her motion

Scaling Internationally with an Inclusive Strategy

We collaborated with Meta’s marketing, brand, design, product, innovation, and technology teams to determine each experience’s strategic approach, narrative, modalities, architectural design, and more.

Our years-long partnership enabled us to concept and deliver the experience at many scales across 10+ locations and three continents. We consulted a range of cultural advisors to ensure the experiences transcended borders and spoke to local aesthetics and traditions.

World map diagram with dots on locations of Meta Partner Centers
Photograph of domed installation with woman standing inside looking at data visualization graphics on an immersive screen