View of dark room with architectural model in center, with thin light wrapping around space

Client Project

Revealing an Architectural Icon’s First with Related


Related Companies


Celebrated as a pivotal figure in the world of architecture, Zaha Hadid designed her first-ever New York City residential building in partnership with Related Companies—who asked us to create a sales gallery that would generate excitement and publicity through its differentiation and attention to detail.


Share Hadid’s one-of-a-kind creative vision by designing a multi-sensory, interactive, and customizable experience that connects luxury buyers with the groundbreaking vision and historical legacy of an internationally acclaimed architect and artist.
Woman with mobile device standing in front of a rounded shape that displays the words "Zaha Hadid"
Close-up of avant garde form of exterior building, resembling sleek, aerial structures
Audience Impact
Percentage of Units Purchased
100 %
Spatial Impact
Square Footage
4000 Sq Ft
Global Impact
Company Size
3000 FTEs
White render of avant garde architecture of Zaha Hadid, as reference image
For reference only, credit: Zaha Hadid Architects, 2013

Celebrating a True Visionary

To engage high net-worth clients with a deep interest in Hadid’s avant-garde building-as-art-object aesthetics, we decided to tell the story of Hadid’s legacy as a lead-up to her most recent NYC endeavor—an imaginative vision inspired by the Chelsea neighborhood context intersecting with her own line-work.
Render of avant-garde building beside roof garden, interspersed with greenery between the floors
Close-up of overlapping aerodynamic shapes

Reflecting Artistry in Every Line and Pixel

The content-rich gallery experience evoked an emotional connection to Hadid’s lifelong commitment to changing skylines and inspired prospective buyers to surround themselves within the artistry of her one-of-a-kind structure.
Render of a person looking at a screen in a long room with decorative lighting
Render of an architectural model in sleek, dimly-lit room with an organic line of lighting on the wall
Render of an architectural model in a dimly-lit room with gentle spotlight over top
Render of the sales gallery space, with curved walls that guide the visitor
Render of space with architectural model in the center, beside a large screen, with an overall purple to yellow gradient
Architectural model of person walking along the sales gallery
Perspectival render of person looking at interactive screen on table, beyond which is an entrance that leads to an architectural model
Render of person interacting with screen on table
Render of white, three-dimensional shapes breaking out of a flat surface
Render of smooth, layered waves of white shapes
Render of white rectangular blocks, layered and floating on top of one another
Render of rounded rectangular lines, floating in space
Render of modernist building with greenery in a dreamy light
Woman walking through the realized sales gallery, in a curved hallway

Cultivating Connection Through Tech

To match the luxury of Hadid’s first New York City residential building, we had to create an experience that felt deeply moving and distinctly premium. The gallery-style setting was designed around high-touch, customizable digital experiences that put potential buyers at the epicenter of a living landmark.
Image of person walking to the end of a long hallway, which opens up to a well-lit space
Woman holding a mobile device standing in front of a curved screen that displays architectural and graphic animations
Woman holding a mobile device looking at a nighttime skyline on the curved screen
Woman's hand interacting with architectural library on a screen on a table